What are your operating hours?

We operate Thursday-saturday from 11:00pm-2:00am

How do i book a table?

please contact us at 214.258.6799 or submit a request here.

how does booking a table work?

when booking a table, you are committing to a minimum spend. the minimum spends vary according to size and location of the table. you will be requested to complete a CC authorization form upon reserving a table. your reservation is not complete until this form is complete.

I left a credit card

please call 214.258.6799 or email Catie at gm@onesette.com with regards to lost credit cards.

I left my jacket or purse

we are open Tuesday-friday from 11:00am-4:00pm. please feel free to come by if you have lost an item. please contact Catie at 214.258.6799 or gm@onesette.com beforehand to ensure we have possession of your item.

I want to host a private event

please click here to inquire about hosting a private event.